our story

The WK Law Firm, founded in 1984, is the only minority-owned law firm located and operating in the prime office location in Mid-town Manhattan, New York City amongst many other International leading law firms. We are ranked among the mainstream law firms with our professional service, high spirit of dedication and ample experiences accumulated over the past 30 years.

We concentrate on providing high quality and comprehensive services in the field of commercial transaction and litigation. Along with the rapid economy and trade development between China and America, China is gradually becoming the economic giant of the world, so we established our China Headquarters in Tianjin, the biggest international commercial and logistics port in Northern China and it is surrounded by Beijing and the East Coast trading zone. By combining both US and China team, we are able to provide 24 hours legal service to our clients with superior quality and at a competitive price.

We have strong teams joined together with experienced lawyers and managers from both US and China. All the associates and members are good at English and Chinese, proficient in the commercial cultures and habits of thought of both East and West, and graduated from reputable law schools with Master Degrees. Our professional team is the guarantee for excellent service, especially for international business and foreign investments.

We have played an important role in International Trade and Investments for a long time by providing professional legal services. As the first law firm who helped Chinese Company to complete IPO in US, our teams are familiar with handling tough problems, so we are the best supporter for Chinese corporations that are looking forward to enter into American market.We are willing to assist our clients in dealing with any complicated problems which may arise. The success of a law firm can only be measured by the success of its clients, so what we are doing is working with our client, not only just an advisor, but also as an advocate.

As always, we will uphold our ethics to serve our clients and build a bridge for Chinese entrepreneurs to enter into the American market. We promise to provide the most efficient services for our clients to acquire legal and commercial information and to successfully engage in business deals from the very beginning.