Overseas Investment, Capital Markets, Banking & Finance

Practice Areas

With extensive experience in overseas investment, the WK Law Firm has provided effective solutions and professional services for Chinese clients to exploit their overseas market. Up to now, our firm has successfully assisted a large number of preeminent domestic clients to select overseas resources, technologies, brands and markets. In recent years, our firm has represented a Chinese enterprise to acquire a famous American electrical appliance enterprise.

We have extensive experience in practice of capital markets, such as stocks, bonds and financing, etc. We have ever represented Cathay Bank to speedily acquire Kincheng Bank with amount of $86,000,000, which held Kincheng Bank harmless from closing and prevented a social panic. We have also assisted large state-owned corporates to purchase shares of foreign well-known enterprises and participate in large investment projects.

In addition, we also have advantage in Private Equity area and Investment Fund area. With an experienced team, we have ever provided comprehensive legal services for numerous institutional investors both inside and outside of China, and assisted them to set up and develop.

In practice, we also helped client design reasonable fund framework and investment transaction structure. We have successfully provided innovative structure to a number of clients.